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Who we are?   A joint venture between A’amal Group and GOIM South Korea. The core of the business is Building Energy Management Solutions (BEMS) and Mobile PTT Solutions. Managing the energy and other needs in buildings efficiently and intelligently can be beneficial. BEMS is a sophisticated platform and system that monitors and controls the building's energy needs, and its devices. The system can control and monitor a large variety of aspects of the building regardless of whether it is residential or commercial. BEMS allows building managers to manage energy usage efficiently. It allows them to access, compare and visualize energy usage information in real time. Managers can also review historical data visually. The system can manage multiple buildings, and can be deployed as a cloud-enabled system that allows easy deployment of control center without elaborate hardware server installations. Professional Energy Reports can be generated easily with visual graphics and charts. AnyPTT (Push-to-Talk) is a state-of-the-art mobile IP-PTT solution which provides a nation-wide multi- media PTT(Push-to-Talk) service through 3G, 4G(LTE) and WIFI network. It means AnyPTT doesn't need to construct a extra system and network like as TRS, and AnyPTT doesn't have any restriction of geographical coverage and network distance. AnyPTT provides one-to-one and/or one-to-many multi- media push-to-talk communications simultaneously. It means AnyPTT supports multi-group(max 300 group) communication per mobile PTT device with recording and in-coming ID, etc. AnyPTT supports integrated multi-media smart PTT communications which is voicePTT, textPTT,voice/videoPTT and real- time video sharing. AnyPTT provides a IP-PTT device management solutions and a additional network solution like as VPN and supports a high-level security for a clone, lost, tapping, and so on. For more Information kindly download company profile.
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